Meditation 101 Class:

The practice of meditation, now thousands of years old, is one of the primary foundations for alternative/natural healing. For example, it is used to reduce anxiety/worry, reduce/eliminate the effects of PTSD, and to bring peace to the mind by bringing it to present moment. There are many other uses for it, all of which I teach in my Meditation 101 class.

Individual Meditation Class
I teach this three hour class in a one-on-one setting where I incorporate aspects of the Meetup meditation class with an expansion on Reiki principals from my Reiki 1 class plus thought stopping techniques I teach in therapy. 
This class is for students who wish to quiet their mind and learn how to be in the present moment. The techniques I teach have helped many of my therapy clients, and Reiki students, rid themselves of anger, worry, anxiety, PTSD, and negative self-talk.
If you are interested in the physical aspects of yoga, and how they can help reduce/eliminate different issues in the mind like anxiety, PTSD, and panic attacks, see my Yoga Instruction Class.

This class will teach:

  • The process of meditation, and why you meditate.
  • How mediation is used to combat negative mental states of mind such as depression, anxiety, and worry.
  • How meditation is used to reduce cancer, neurological dysfunction, and other physical illnesses.
  • You will learn different techniques to increase the strength of your meditation; sound, mantras, mudras, bandas, pranayama, and intention.
  • Mantras: A brief look at the Sanskrit language and the use of sound and mantras to increase the power of your meditation.
  • Mudras: How hand gestures can affect the passage of energy through the body and increase the intention of your meditation.
  • Pranayama: The introduction of breath work into your meditation, and its importance in releasing the chakra system.
  • Bandas: How to use energy locks to increase the strength of your meditation.
  • Finally, you will learn the Chakra system and how to clear your chakras by combining all the techniques you learned in this class into one meditational practice.

You will take from this class a complete overview of yogic meditational practices plus a meditational technique that combines all of what you’ve learned.

It is an intense, and wonderful introduction to the whole process of meditation and gives you a foundation for creating your own practice.

Workbook Provided: A workbook is provided with pictures and illustrations of the techniques to be taught. You will also be provided with a detailed description of the yogic chakra system and how it is affected by the techniques you will learn.

Group Class:

I routinely teach a Meditation 101 group class through my Meetup group. For the Meetup class, I’ve condensed a 9.5 hour Meditation 101 Class that I created for the University of Texas in Arlington. I teach the class through Meetup about twice a year, and the class is announced to those signed up to my Meetup group.

The class teaches the basics of yogic meditation and ways to train your mind to deal with negative emotions and chronic thinking. Peace of mind is a state of being, this class will teach you the tools needed for achieving that state of mind.

“The problem with mental activity isn’t thinking itself but the
compulsion to think that does not give a moments rest.”
Frank Arjava Peter, “Reiki, The Legend of Dr. Usui”







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