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I returned to graduate school in 2006 to begin a masters study in the field of counseling. I did this because I realized the majority of the body issues my massage and Reiki clients experienced were caused by their mind. I became fascinated with how our thought process affects us, not only emotionally, but also physically. There is a direct coloration between mental dysfunction and physical dysfunction. Our body and our mind are not separate; they affect each other positively and negatively. If our mind is in not in a peaceful state, our body will suffer. Likewise, if our body is unhealthy, our mind will suffer.

Since 2007 I have spent a great deal of my life counseling children, adolescents, adults, groups, couples, and families who are all suffering from a wide variety of issues ranging from physical and mental abuse, drug addiction, sexual identity confusion, sexual dysfunction, depression and a number of other problems that inhibit them from moving forward in their lives. During these years I found that, by using a mixture of cognitive therapy, and my own transitional timeline therapy that I have been developing since 2005, I have been able to help many my clients overcome whatever issues they brought in. 

Therapy Types:

I utilizes a variety of therapy strategies, including cognitive-behavioral, person-centered and my own timeline therapy. Each of these therapy strategies helps my client better recognize negative core beliefs about him or herself, many of which may have been formed (unintentionally) long ago. I then encourage my clients to re-evaluate their core beliefs in a way that will change how they perceive their past, present, and future and thereby release or eliminate the cause of their psychosis.

Additional Areas Of Treatment:

I have studied a wide variety of belief systems from all around the world, and utilizes meditation, yoga, energy, and relaxation training when appropriate.

Psycho Education Classes & Lectures:

My background in professional speaking and psycho education has allowed me to give classes on drug dependency, the mind/body connection, energy work, meditation, and anger/anxiety management. I have been featured in local media including Dallas Child magazine.

Additional Information:

Having spent my internship counseling in mental hospitals and drug treatment facilities, I have recognized common deficiencies with many mainstream substance rehabilitation programs. Because of this I am currently working on a book about substance abuse and addiction. I have also written a children’s storybook designed to help tweens deal with the psychosis they face while coming of age in Western society.


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