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Individual counseling provides a chance to explore the difficulties a client is having with his or her life experience. We build our perception of ourselves, and the world around us, based on our beliefs and experiences. When those beliefs and experiences become negative we find it difficult to enjoy our day to day activities, and our desire to live often looses its momentum. For some of our species life can become so routine that it is no longer enjoyable, and they feel stuck in a “rut”.  When you experience change, the transition (mental, physical, and/or spiritual) can be extremely confusing. Individual counseling was designed to provide a safe space to explore virtually any aspect of a your life without judgment. There is something freeing in being able to talk about the issues bouncing around inside your mind.  Your career, your relationships, your self-confidence, and countless other issues can pile on top of each other without being expressed. This effects your quality of life in ways that you may not realize until you have been given the freedom and encouragement to discover and express what you really think and feel without having to censure yourself out of politeness, fear, or because of social expectations.  

Abuse, addiction, anger, chronic pain, hyper anxiety, body image issues, situational and chronic depression, divorce, grief/loss, PTSD, self esteem, sexual dysfunctions, and any number of other issues can be addressed with individual counseling so that you can increase the quality of your life.

Individual sessions begin by looking at the issue form a big picture perspective. Then we work through the issues until you reache the maintenance stage. The maintenance stage is a non-mandatory quarterly check up where you can discuss any difficulties that may have come up (much like taking a car in for an oil change).  It is my goal to get you to that stage as quickly as possible using varying forms of therapy, homework, and lifestyle changes that may also include nutrition and exercise. 

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