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Over the years I have written several essays about the human condition, most of which I wrote when I was trying to figure out why we think what we think. Though many of them are old, and my perception has evolved since I wrote them, they played a major part in my attempt to understand the world and how it affects us. I have decided to devote some of my time to placing information on the internet . .. You can also find informaiton through the following links:

Monkey Mind Tales: (My Books)

My first of four books, “Tales for Your Monkey’s Mind,” is now available. For more information, and to purchase the book, visit:

  Monkey Mind Tales  

Personal Essays:

 "An introduction to the illusion" (June, 2004)

 "Understanding fear" (August, 2004) 

"Post Traumatic Belief Syndrom" (August, 2005) 

"The Emotionally Neurotic Ape Is Trying To Communicate" (2007)

"Overcoming Addiction In An Insane Society" (2007)

 "How did we define love?" (May, 2006)

"Generation Text" (Sep, 2012)

Papers From Graduate School:

"Testing Stages Of Development" (November, 2006)

I interviewed 4 people of different ages and gender to determine their level of cognitively according to the theories of Piaget and his predecessors. Aparently my professor liked it.    

"Waking From A Self-Deluded Illusionary Coma" (Fall 2006)

Paper on how diversity is necessary in that it allows us to question our perception or reality. This was my first paper written in grad school. My adviser read it before I turned it in. She looked at me and said, "you need to get your docterate." Maybe one day.






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