Many therapists, including myself, have given a grocery list of things massage is good for. We know it’s good for the body, it reduces stress, reduces toxins, and so on. I thought it would be nice to also list a few things I have actually done in my practice with massage and Reiki.

Reduce Functional Scoliosis: Recently I took on a client with functional scoliosis (a curvature of the back that can be straightened with body manipulation and/or surgery). My client was 12 years old; her curve was severe enough that it caused chronic pain and difficulty breathing. Her left ribs formed a hunch in her back and her left scapula was pulled over her left shoulder. Her surgery was moved back for a few months, so I agreed to see what I could do to help. After two sessions of NMT and Reiki her pain was gone and she could breath again. After four sessions the curve straightened in her lower back and her left scapula began moving back in position. By the sixth treatment her upper curve, and the hunch of her left ribs, reduced. She could move her neck again and stood about two inches taller. I taught her Reiki level one so she could do treatments on herself. Since a great deal of the curve was cause by emotional distress creating dysfunctions in her neural system, we talked during her sessions to figure out the cause of her depression and anxiety. We did a total of twelve sessions before she went into surgery. The morning of her surgery I did Reiki on her back for about thirty minutes to prepare her, during which she could feel her muscles bubbling under my hands. The doctors predicted the surgery would fix 50% of her curve, because of the work I did, they were able to fix 75%. She is now at home, much taller, happier, and healing herself at a record pace using Reiki.

Chronic back pain: I had a client suffering from ten years of chronic lower back pain. Within four sessions it was gone. While working on her I found nothing wrong with her lower back. When she hurt her back she created a pain pathway, kind of like a tube attached from her brain to the area of pain. Once her back healed, it left the pain pathway open. Every time my client got stressed she felt pain shooting into her lower back. We spent four sessions getting rid of the pain pathway. Afterward, she came in once a month for about four months, now she only comes in when she wants to relax.

Reset neural system: A client came in with chronic pain throughout his digestive system and hip structure. After a few sessions I found it was primarily caused by a hypertensive neural system. During our first treatment I could hardly touch him without causing pain. After a few sessions I tried using Reiki to completely reset his neural system and reduce its hypersensitiveness, it worked. After that I was able to work on the rest of his issues. It took about four months, but he was brought back from a debilitating form of chronic pain that took him out of work, kept him from driving, a forced him to lay on his stomach for most of the day to someone enjoying his life to the fullest again.

Relieved chronic depression: I have used massage and Reiki to help clients relieve chronic depression. Many have moved on in their lives in a direction they never thought possible. It has helped a client through their divorce, another through their childhood trauma, and another in figuring out what step to take next. Reiki and massage both continue to help my clients move forward in directions their body and mind blocked with depression, anxiety, and a host of other emotions that trapped them in their current state of being.

Repaired nerve damage from breast augmentation: A client who had breast augmentation experienced a loss of feeling in both her areolas from the surgery. After several moths she reported a 75% increase in feeling in both the left and right breast.  

Reducing cancer and relieving effects of radiation treatment: client experienced reduced symptoms from radiation therapy and was able to participate in physical activities that were hindered by the treatment. Client was also able to deal with the depression caused by the cancer and reconnect strongly with loved ones.

I have also helped with:
• Forward shoulder
• Frozen shoulder
• Frozen neck
• Chronic headaches
• Depression and other mood disorders.
• Severe hip pain
• Recovery from breast augmentation (which included reducing the scar tissue and bringing feeling back to the nipple area).
• Recovery from liposuction
• Recovery from surgery using Reiki
• Muscle tension
• Chronic fatigue
• Lymphatic problems in the extremities
• Planter facetious
• Carpel tunnel
• Muscle building, stretching, and strengthening
• Stress and emotional damage to the body

There are several other specific things I have done to help my clients, so please feel free to call me and ask if any of my techniques may be good for you.






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