The Session

The Room
The NOYAU Wellness centerand my Oaklawn location provide a relaxing environment. I have created a tranquil atmosphere using music, colors, and lighting. The table is cushioned, and has a headrest made from memory foam to make it as comfortable as possible. Having had several massages myself by other practitioners, I learned what works and what hurts. Nothing is worse than getting a good massage yet feeling like a piece of wood is digging into my forehead.      

Before The Session:

To prepare for the session avoid eating two hours before the massage begins. Drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol, caffeine, or processed sugar. This will help with the detoxification process. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to arrive so the session is less about calming you down and more about building you up. It will also help you to create an intention before the massage begins as to what you wish to heal. I will be more than happy to create one with you.

The Session:
The rest of the information below is related to everything except Thai massage.  Before the session begins I perform a few structural assessments as we discuss what’s been going on with your body and what areas need focusing on.  You will also fill out a client intake form if you have not previously done so. After we have discussed any questions or concerns, I will step out into the hall while you undress and relax under the sheet on the massage table. 

Before the session begins I will leave the room allowing you to undress. While it is easier for me to give a massage when you are completely unclothed, especially if you have hip or lower back problems, you only need to remove as much clothing as you are comfortable with. I want to stress that you are in control here and your privacy will be respected. I can adjust the technique around your preferences. When you are ready I will knock before reentering the room. During the massage you will be covered with a sheet, except for the specific area on which I am working. 

Depending on your health needs, I will let you know if you should be lying face down, face up, or on your side. Once you are ready, I will return to the room and create a comfortable environment for your massage.  As I begin, I may ask you to breathe deep to help you relax. Then I will start with slow moving strokes to loosen your muscles and tension areas. As your muscles begin to relax, I will bring focus to the areas in need.   

Several of my clients like to talk during their massage while others prefer to relax in silence.  If you are the type that likes to just close your eyes and get lost in thought, I will only break the silence when questions arise about areas of concern. Other than that it is totally up to you.  Also, do not hesitate to ask what I’m doing at anytime during the massage.  Let me know if my touch is too hard.  You muscle cannot heal if it is tensing up because of pain.  Contrary to popular believe massage is not supposed to be painful so feedback and communication are essential for me to understand what you need.  

The lotion I use is mixed with various essential oils, which increase oxygenation to the cells and has an invigorating aroma conducive to both relaxation and healing.  I started using aromatherapy in my home and brought it to my massage practice after experiencing the benefits for myself.  I do not use oil.  Lotion allows me to slow my speed and work each muscle with greater detail.  Plus you can leave the lotion on after you leave with out worrying about your clothes or breaking out.  

Toward the end of a session, I take a few minutes to increase the flow of energy through your body with Reiki.  This energy-based, hands-on type of healing aligns and balances the human energy field, giving you both a relaxed and energized feeling.  I’ve had a few people fall asleep during this process while others rejuvenated.  Usually I just do the head unless it is a two hour session with Reiki.

After the massage is over I will step out of the room and wait for you to open the door after you are dressed.  I will provide you with water, but it is important that you drink at least two bottles of water after the massage to help detoxify your lymphatic system.  You should also be drinking eight glasses of water a day. 

Emotions are often released with tension and you may find yourself feeling sad, angry, or joyful.  Try not to suppress these feelings, it’s all part of your process of letting go, and I am here for you.   It is my goal as a professional therapist to help create an inner balance in order to ease you along life’s journey. 

General information to know before the massage: 

  • You'll feel more comfortable if you don't eat for two hours before your session.
  • Draping will be employed for traditional massage.  For Reiki sesison or Thai Massage wear loose fitting comfortable clothing.
  • Let me know if you have any medical or physical conditions that contraindicate certain types of treatment.
  • Remove any unnecessary jewelry that could cause scratching or interfere with having a smooth massage.
  • If you wear contact lenses, consider removing them. It may add to your relaxing experience.
    Let me know if you're concerned about messing up your hair as I end the session with a head massage. 
  • Quieting yourself will allow you to tune into your experience and relax more deeply.  
    Breathe deeply and regularly, stressing your exhalation. Imagine your body becoming heavy and sinking into the table. As I locate areas of tension, consciously allow yourself to breath and relax into those areas.
  • Most of all, feel good that you have decided to take care of yourself.  So many of us spend our lives taking care of others that we forget the physical, emotional, and mental healing aspects of self-love.     





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