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I began using Neuromuscular Massage Therapy (NMT) in 2004. Originally I intended to use massage therapy as a side business, and as a way to refresh myself on the workings of the human body for my Reiki practice. After I received my certification, my instructor asked me to attend a year long advanced course in NMT. Then I became her student teacher for the next two and a half years. My instructor wanted me to teach NMT after she retired, but I found that a majority of the muscle issues my clients experienced were caused by their mind. So, I decided to go back to graduate school and get my masters in counseling instead. My massage clients begged me not to quit my massage practice, so I decided to continue my practice since the technique I was taught is highly effective, and is something I enjoy doing. It is my goal to help my clients heal themselves, so I help them figure out what is causing the imbalance while relieving the trauma the imbalance has caused.

I perform 4 different types of body therapy:

Rejuvenation Massage

This massage is designed to not only relax the body, but also rejuvenate it. By combining different forms of body therapy, the rejuvenation massage addresses the circulatory, nervous, muscle, lymphatic, and other body systems to create a state of homeostasis (balance). This is a unique form of therapy and is different than a spa massage. I have incorporated some Swedish/spa movements into the massage to maintain a level of relaxation.  A relaxed mind sends neurological impulses into the muscle system allowing for easier manipulation

  • 1 Hour: The one-hour session is designed to give a general, yet effective, massage that will leave you feeling energized and revived.
  • 1.5 Hour: The one-and-a-half hour massage gives our therapist time to address the sections of your body that require more attention.
  • 2 Hour: The two-hour massage includes Reiki energy work that revives your etheric body.   

I have had considerable success with this technique. By combining different modalities like Neuromuscular, Shiatsu, and lymphatic therapies, the massage has been designed to provide the maximum amount of benefit in the shortest time possible. It has reawakened and healed the bodies of our clients who sit all day collecting toxins in their muscles or suffer from the biological traumas caused by the release of negative emotions. It increases the range of motion, flexibility, and tone for my clients who are into sports, weight training, running, and yoga. It has also helped undo the damage caused by repetitive motion such as working on a computer or playing a musical instrument. I am very proud of this massage technique and our clients have benefited greatly from it. If you are in pain or just looking for something more beneficial than a spa or Swedish massage, I suggest you try this one.

Neuro Muscular Therapy Medical Massage
You do not have to live in pain. Chronic pain is mentally and physically debilitating.  Depression, anxiety, and worry are all emotions that are not only created by chronic pain, but can also exasperate it. It affects relationships, employment, sexual intimacy, and quality of life. This massage is designed to meet the specific needs of my clients who suffer from chronic pain. Chronic pain can be caused by anything from joint dislocations, postural distortions, nerve entrapments, herniated vertebrae, functional scoliosis, or migraine headaches.The medical massage is a form of surgery above the skin where I spend up to two hours focusing on the area in pain and other areas affected by, or contributing to, the source of that pain. Depending on the degree of injury, a client may require 1 - 3 treatments per week until the pain is reduced or diminished.  Long-standing problems may take some time to remedy, and intermittent treatments, perhaps once a month, may be used as follow-up.

  • 1.5 Hour: The one-and-a-half hour medical massage incorporates Neuromuscular Therapy techniques that are specifically designed for each individual muscle. Because these techniques are designed to work the muscles with greater detail and care than most massages, it requires more time. As a result, the technique allows our clients to get the maximum benefit from the work with no additional harm to the muscle. 
  • 2 Hour: The two-hour medical massage provides additional time for more chronic problems and allows for Reiki energy work that increases the rate of healing. 

The mind and body are not separate; they are connected and affect each other equally. If one is imbalanced, the other can become equally imbalanced. Addressing one without the other is like pouring fresh water into a broken cup. After receiving a series of treatments using this massage clients have noticed not only a positive change in their physiology, but in their psychology as well. If you are suffering from chronic pain or any pain that is disrupting your quality of life, I suggest this massage.

Thai Massage or The ancient healing art of Thailand (1.5 - 2 hours)

The Ancient Healing Art of Thailand, or Thai Massage as it is called in the West, was created for the soul purpose of preventing imbalances in our body. This makes it quite different than most western forms of massage, which were created to deal with pain rather than prevent it from occurring in the first place. In Thailand, Thai Massage is more prevalent than any other form of medicine in preventing disease.  This is because it is designed to affect every body system; muscular, skeletal, endocrine, neurological, etc. The technique is over two thousand years old and I have incorporated it into my practice because, while it is good to seek help once a problem has manifested, it is better to be proactive and prevent the problem from occurring in the first place.


A Thai Massage is not a massage. It incorporates acupressure and assisted stretching techniques. Wear loose fitting clothing that are good for stretching like one would wear at the gym or yoga class.  You will not be unclothed at anytime. During the session you will lay down on a floor mat. I will then apply acupressure using palms, forearms, knees, elbows, and feet to release energy blockages along the bodies SEN/Meridian lines (energy lines). Using body weight for leverage and balance, I will also apply assisted yoga stretching. Assisted stretching is different than stretching in that you just lye there and allow me to do all the work. This prevents other muscle groups from being activated during the stretch. The session takes about an hour and a half to two hours. To feel the full benefit of preventative therapy it is suggested that you receive a session every one to two weeks.

Clients have noticed a change in their mental and physical state of being after just one session and reported a tingling feeling of aliveness that stays with them long after they left. Others have noticed a considerable difference in their overall quality of life after several sessions. Every body system is affected with this technique and overall mental and physical health is greatly increased.

I love doing this massage and I feel fortunate to have been given the opportunity to go to Thailand to learn it so that I can share it with others. For more information about Thai Massage click the links below:

History of Thai Massage

History of Wat Po

Thai Reiki Massage (2 - 2.5 hours)

In this massage I have combined Thai Massage with Reiki healing therapy. The two go very well together and my clients have noticed a considerable difference both physically and mentally after the session is over. For more information see: Thai Reiki.

General Information:

The forms of body manipulation I use are based on methods designed not only to reduce body tension, but also bring your body back into a state of balance by elevating or eliminating chronic structural problems like persistent back pain or thoracic outlet syndrome. Each one of these massage techniques is what I would hope to get from a massage therapist.  I know how difficult it can be to find a massage therapist that fits your needs, so I'm hoping that these descriptions will help clarify what I do so you can have a better understanding of what to expect from me. 





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