Ways to increase energy

(an excerpt from the "Renewed Spirit Reiki 1 Workbook")

Meditation: allows us to separate from our thoughts about our past, our fantasies about the future, and the distractions that have filled our mind.  This is an excellent tool for strengthening our  focus and creating balance within our body, mind, and spirit.  It helps create equilibrium, clarity of mind, a greater patience and tolerance of others.  It lowers our stress level, creates better health, and gives us a more realistic and positive self-image as our perception of reality broadens and deepens.   Like anything, it takes practice and becomes easier with time. 

Free your life and mind of clutter: our mind is like our home, when it’s filled with distractions and clutter, things are often hard to find.  Make room for the new knowledge.  Create a less cluttered living space, put away distractions, put what is important to you within reach.  Let go of what you no longer need so that you create space for something new.  This doesn’t mean get a bigger house or an extra storage unit. 

Music: can influence us on different levels of our being as the vibrations affect our chakras.  Tranquil, for example, is usually soft and touches the heart center.  Pop music is usually more strident and may reach or stimulate the root chakra.  Other kinds of music, such as mantra chanting, stimulate the higher chakras, such as the third eye (sixth) chakra and stimulate meditative experiences.  It’s good to experiment with sound to see how it affects you. I personally love the sound of Tibetan Crystal bowls.  

Yoga: is another form of meditation designed to help us attain a “union of oneness” with true reality.  There are several yoga paths one can take in reaching this goal.  I use several versions.  “Hatha yoga” works with the energies of the body and mind through exercises, postures and breathing methods.  It is the one most of us in the West are familiar with.  A good yoga instructor understands that it is designed to heal the body so we can then move into a more meditative state of reality and “oneness”.  It is not meant to be a more exotic form of aerobics. Yoga helps increase our body’s energy level by creating lymphatic drainage which helps rid our body of toxins, cancer cells, trapped protein, bacteria, viruses, and other waists.  I find all of the yoga paths fascinating and encourage you to do your own research into the different practices they offer.     

Qigong: is a set of breathing and Ki circulation techniques have been a integral part of Chinese culture since ancient China.  Various breathing and body movements, combined with sound, are designed to free up energy pathways and improve health, prevent illness, and strengthen the body.  There are some DVDs and books that can teach you basic poses since classes are sometimes difficult to find.

Massage:  is a great way to help remove the tension that traps the body’s energy so that is can flow more smoothly.  It improves circulation, filling our body with more oxygenated blood, plus it removes toxins while promoting mental relaxation, improvement in length and quality of sleep, while relieving stress, depression, anxiety and irritation.  It increases our ability to concentrate while improving our sense of well-being.  Relaxation and anxiety cannot co-exist.

Colonics: helps our organs clean out toxins that otherwise leave us feeling lethargic and sick.  By cleansing our body we help bring clarity and focus to our mind.  There are natural detoxes to help clean out your digestive system or there are colonic specialists you can go to if you’re feeling especially toxic.  I’ve used both and have had amazing results. 

Reduce Toxins placed in the body: basically look at your food intake.  Try to replace foods that create lethargy, fatigue, and sluggishness with those that nourish, cleanse, and remove the waste that blocks your energy.  Before you put anything in your mouth, ask yourself: will this food leave me feeling lighter or heavier?  Will it cleanse me or clog me?  This is not a diet. It is a lifestyle. 

Eat Live & Green foods: our body operates on a subtle electromagnetic current.  Nerve signals are actually electrical charges – our brain, heart and all other organs emit a field of electrical current.  Cells communicate with each other with pulses of electricity.  If we eat something lifeless, we are not providing the body with the electrical energy it needs.  Thus, we require the body to expend electrical nerve energy to run the digestive system to break this food down.  This means the food is actually taking more energy than it is giving.  Remember, caned vegetables are dead food.  Steamed or raw vegetables will give you the most nurturance and energy. 

Much sleep: sleep at least seven hours each night.   This will give your body time to rejuvenate itself for another day. 

Lots of water:  We are about 98% water.  Drinking ½ your body weight of water a day is suggested.  But, water alone does not nourish the body or undo the effects of an unhealthy diet.  The water from living foods contains enzymes and nutrients that are all transported into the intestinal environment where they are absorbed and used by the body.  Buy a juicer and make your own juice.  I try to drink at least one type of fresh juice a day.  Avoid drinking.  If you do drink flavored soda and coffee, balance it with a glass of water to help flush the toxins out of your system... or avoid drinking them all together… you will notice a difference after the withdrawal symptoms are over.    


“With a healthy mind and body, the higher levels of any achievement in any field can be accomplished because the foundation is strong enough to withstand the demands of continuous learning.”  -  unknown






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