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Here is a list of some of the places I go and people who take care of me.   (websites are linked to their picture)

Loving Superfoods

Run by my friends Dan and Melissa, they distribute and ship Chocolate Bliss, Vanilla Agave Nectar, Sun Fire Salt, Fiesta Mole and Radical Health's entire SunFire Super Food line of better than organic, pristine raw superfoods. My frig is full of the stuff and I start each day with their Chocolate Bliss. Good people and good stuff.

Company Cafe

Anytime someone wants to eat out in Dallas I always suggest this resturant. It hasgrass-fed beef, bison, and gluten-free items such as cake or french toast. It is a farm-to-table resturant and small business supporter. There are two locations... but if you want to go to the one in uptown on a Saturday or Sunday after noon get there early, or your will have to wait for an hour to get a seat (it's that good).


Eye of the Day

I found their incense when I was on Colorado and continue to order it from their website.  It smells incredible and I’ve noticed a great difference between their product and the others I’ve tried.  Right now I mostly order their frankincense and myrrh.



 Earth Angel Oils

These oils are amazing.  They are 100% Pure Essential, and I mostly use them for my own personal use.  I use some on my clients, but stopped putting them in my oil when I realized they were affecting me as much as the client.  I met the woman who makes them and she has love in her eyes. 


Cosmic Café

This is my dining room away from home.  Since I became a vegetarian I eat more at this restaurant than any other in the Dallas area, and my friends will vouch for this.  I love their food, I love their service, and I especially love eating out on the patio.  Try the “Cosmic Stir” or “Spinach Enchiladas” and you’ll get hooked even if you are a devout carnivore.


Sterling Health Center

I received most of my beginning and advanced training from this school.  If anyone is looking to learn the art of massage therapy, they take the practice very seriously.  It is family owned and run, and were very much a family to me during my training there. 


Doctor Jackowski

Doctor Jackowski has been practicing Chiropractic work, Kinesiology, and herbal supplements for forty years. I use him for clients who are suffering from nutritional imbalances, sexual dysfunction, allergies, and other issues that may be affecting their immune system and disrupting their daily living. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for someone practicing in this field. Contact him at: 214-368-8977

don b

Colon Care Dallas

Refer him to anyone who needs colon therapy.  Check out his site for more information. 

Zensual Dance Fitness

My friend Clarissa is founder of the Zensual Dance Academy. It is more than a dance academy. It’s a place where a woman can transform your body and her mind. I've had several female clients got to her classes as a means to restore personal power, conquer their fears, and and reconnect with the woman inside them.


Dan Nolan: Holistic Health Coach

Dan received his training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where he was trained in more than one hundred dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods. Drawing on this knowledge, he helps you create a personalized “roadmap to health” that suits your unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and goals. Dan often creats classes for my Meetup.com group.






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Individua & Group Yoga Instruction

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