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Steve Reedy, MA, LPC, RMT, NMT, RYT200

I am a licensed professional counselor with certifications for mind/body work including neuromuscular therapy, Thai massage, and Reiki energy therapy. My approach to healing is based on my theory that the environment in which we live is as unnatural to us as a Habitrail is to a hamster. The varying beliefs and rapid pace of our society can be confusing and overwhelming. I believe that because we are not genetically designed to exist in such a world, we can create an imbalance within ourselves that manifests as depression, anxiety, anger, and a host of other negative emotions and physical issues that cloud our experiences and prevent us from moving forward. Whether it is mental, physical, or both, the imbalance affects our sense of self, how we define our experiences, and how we relate to others.


I have been a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) since 2010. Because the majority of my Reiki and massage clients experienced imbalance due to the emotions released by the thoughts in their mind, I decided to pursue a masters in counseling. I completed my year and a half internship counseling teenagers in a drug treatment facility. I have worked with all age groups and have had great success with couple’s therapy. I have helped clients overcome situational or chronic forms of depression, anxiety, and other debilitating emotional states. I provide pre marriage counseling, divorce therapy, and transition therapy. I also help with sexual identity issues, problems with sexual intimacy, drug addiction, and how to deal with being labeled with a DSMVI diagnosis like ADHD or Bipolar disorder. My approach is grounded in cognitive therapy, but I incorporate everything I have learned in regards to caring for our mind, body, and spirit. For more information visit my page on counseling.

Reiki Therapy & Classes:

I have practiced as a certified Reiki Master/Teacher since 2005. I have taught introduction classes as a continuing education professor at UTA for meditation and Reiki since 2013. I teach all three levels of Reiki in a one-on-one setting and I provide classes in-between certifications to help my students practice their skills and learn different techniques that I have studied or created. My Reiki healing sessions incorporate other techniques such as crystal/stone therapy, sound vibrations, and eastern/western theories on energy imbalance like Shiatsu and Polarity therapy. I have helped clients suffering from functional scoliosis, muscle trauma and from damaged neuro systems caused by surgery and strokes. I have also helped clients suffering from cancer and the effects of radiation therapy, as well as depression, anxiety, fear, PTSD and childhood trauma. Recently I have been using Reiki during pregnancies to relieve the stress on the mind, body, and growing fetus before and after the birth. To read more about my use of Reiki energy work visit my page on Reiki.


I am in the process of publishing two books, “Tales for Your Monkey’s Mind” and “More Tales for Your Monkey’s Mind.” The books look at the side effects of modern social structure, how it affects us as children, and then follows us into adulthood. To keep them from sounding like a self-help book, the ideas are presented in a fairytale format with toy factories, magic books, pink fuzzy bunnies, clowns, castles, rhymes, witches and more. More information about the books, and their release date, can be found at, I have also written several journals and essays on the human condition, most of which are on this site and can be found on my Journal Section.

Neuro Muscular Massage Therapy (NMT) & Thai Massage:

I have been a certified massage therapist since 2003. I received advanced training in neuromuscular therapy in 2004, which gave me a more detailed understanding of neurological dysfunction and how it affects the muscle and organ systems. After receiving my Neuromuscular certification, and receiving my National Certification as a massage therapist, I became a student teacher for two years. I have developed my own technique using trigger point therapy, neuromuscular therapy, fascial release, and Thai massage, the later of which I learned while traveling in Thailand as a representative for my school. My massage has become more medical over the years and I have seen great results with it. This is not a spa massage, it is designed to heal both your body and mind. For more information visit my page on massage.

Yoga Therapy:

I received my Yoga certification in 2012 and have been practicing Yoga since 2003. While I do teach classes in Ashtanga, meditation, and other forms of Yoga, I specialize in Yoga therapy. I teach individuals how to use Yoga to overcome mental and physical imbalances. Originally Yoga was used to balance the mind and body for long periods of meditation. In order to sit in meditation one has to have a clear and calm mind, and a healthy body. Asanas (poses), Pranayama (breath work), and different forms of thought stopping techniques and energy balancing help create this state of being. This is why Yoga is now being used in addition to therapy to help clients overcome mental and physical distress. Anxiety, depression, mood disorders, IBS, fatigue, Anger issues, sexual dysfunction, lymphatic issues, and a number of other mental and physical imbalances can be overcome with the use of Yoga and therapy. So, I have combined both into an individual session.  You can read more about it by visiting my Yoga Section.

Crystal, Stone, & Sound Bowl Therapy:

I became interested in the healing effects of vibration on the human body several years ago when I began using crystals during my Reiki sessions. I have spent several years collecting stones and crystals that vibrate at certain frequencies, which amplify my ability to perform energy healing. Clients report that they feel a difference just by having the stones placed around them, and they make the treatments stronger and more effective. Often times clients hold a stone during a counseling session to calm their mind. I also use crystal sound bowls that are tuned to specific areas of the body. For more information visit my Crystals & Sound Bowls page.


Outside of my massage and counseling practice I have taught yoga and meditation programs, and continue teaching energy and bodywork. I am an active person because I believe a healthy body leads to a healthy mind, and because it is fun. I am always experimenting with raw food, energy work, and their effects on my mind and body. When not at work, you may find me riding my bike, doing yoga,working in my garden, sitting at Starbucks writing my books, or sitting under a tree enjoying the day.





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