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While I do many things, I am first and foremost a Reiki master/teacher. Reiki has been the foundation for everything I have learned since 2003. I studied muscle therapy to better understand physical imbalance. I received my masters in counseling to better understand mental imbalance. I studied yoga to better understand energy imbalance. I studied crystal and sound therapy to better my knowledge on the use of vibration to heal the body. All of this has made me a more effective Reiki master, and has allowed me to enhance my ability to help others heal themselves. Below is a general outline of the services I provide. For more information about how I teach Reiki visit: Reiki Instruction

Reiki 101 Class at The University of Texas in Arlington (UTA)

In 2013 I worked with the University of Texas in Arlington to provide a general Reiki class for their continuing eudcation department. I will continue posting when those classes will be available.


I teach traditional Reiki, which is taught in three stages. I have found that “One-On-One” classes are more focused, effective, and attentive to the needs of the student than classes taught in a group setting. This is why I teach only one student at a time. This allows me to teach at the pace of one student rather than juggling the pace of five or more. This also makes the class shorter, but with stronger results. Each class is between 4 to 6 hours and includes a Reiki session to clear any blockages before your attunement. The attunement opens your energy pathways so that you may channel a higher vibration of energy. It is not necessary to receive all three certifications from me. I have taught students who received certifications from other masters and designed their course to meet them where they were as a healer.  For more information on how I teach visit: Reiki Instruction.

Reiki Level 1 Certification:

You will learn the basics of the Usui Reiki system including hand positions and self-treatments followed by a healing session and attunement. Afterward you will have learned how to access and use the Usui Reiki system to heal yourself and others. Reiki I instructional workbook is provided.

Reiki Level 2 Certification:

You will learn time/distance healing, mental and emotional healing, and meditational techniques. You will also learn symbols for drawing in specific energy vibrations to increase the power and intention of the energy you are using. The class includes a healing session before your attunement. Reiki II instructional workbook provided.

Reiki Level 3 Master/Teacher Certification:

You will receive advanced education on how to remove energetic obstructions, reduce cancer cells, reset the nervous system, and approach other medical issues. You will receive a demonstration of crystal/stone therapy and visualization techniques. You will be instructed on how to give an attunement and what it means to become a Reiki master. The class includes a healing session before your attunement. Reiki III instructional workbook provided.

Intermittent Classes:

Traditional Reiki Masters send their students into the wild to fend for themselves until their next attunement. I have found that intermittent classes which allow a student to practice and ask questions quickens his or her progression as a healer and provides better preparation for the next certification. The intermittent class takes about 3 hours. Each class is different and designed to help in your development as a healer. You will receive a healing session to open your pathways, and then you will perform a healing session on the instructor or someone else in need of healing. Crystals, stones, and healing bowls will also be available for use. You will be taught additional meditation visualizations, obstruction removal, and other mental/medical techniques. Counseling will be provided for any changes you may be experience from the increase in vibration.










While the Reiki session will be designed to meet your specific needs, I have three types of sessions to choose from. When you contact me we can discuss which once might fit your needs.

Healing Session: (1.5 hours)
Reiki / Sound Bowls / Crystals & Stones

This is an intensive energy session where I combine Reiki energy with crystal/stone therapy and sound vibrations. After scanning your body for imbalance I use hand placements along your energy centers to remove any blockages while amplifying the Reiki with crystals and stones. Sound bowls are used to help release blockages and relax the body. I have seen different forms of cancer, neurological dysfunction, head trauma, anxiety, depression, loss of eye sight, divorce, and a number of other conditions and situations reduced, and even alleviated, during these sessions. The insights I receive during the session will be shared at the end with counseling on how to approach the cause of the imbalance. The session itself is performed on a massage table. You will not be undressed so wear something comfortable. You will feel a difference.

Crystals & stones are created with different energy vibrations. These vibrations affect your mind, body, and spirit in different ways depending on how they were formed. When their vibration is amplified with Reiki it can have a considerable effect on the person being treated. I have spent several years collecting stones and crystals and have seen great results with their use.

Reiki Massage: (2 hours)

This two-hour treatment combines Neuromuscular Massage Therapy (NMT) with thirty or more minutes of Reiki. This is a unique form of physical therapy and is different than a spa massage. This session targets your circulatory, nervous, muscle, and other body systems to create a state of homeostasis between your biologic and etheric body.  This massage has worked well with releasing chronic pain, reversing functional scoliosis, healing plantar fasciitis, resetting a hypertensive nervous system, and many other medical issues. While a Reiki session without a massage does wonders for your mind and body, the Reiki Massage helps relieve the biological damage caused by your imbalance.

Thai Reiki: (about 2 hours)

Thai massage releives energy blockages though acupressure and assisted stretching. It is done on a mat on the floor so you will need comfortable clothing that you can be streched in. Using Reiki after the technique has proven to be extremly effective since both go perfect with each other. Both are designed to free your body from energy blockages. You can learn more about this technique at: Thai Reiki.

Before a session:
Three days before a Reiki session it is advised for a client to cut down or avoid caffeine, processed sugar, and alcohol. It is also beneficial to cut down or avoid processed foods, soda, and meat if possible. Water is essential, as it will increase the body’s flow of energy and detox capability. Before the session begins you will be asked to create an intention for the session’s outcome. If you are unsure how to create an intention I will be more than happy to create one with you.

After a session:
The effect energy work has on a client is different for everyone. Most say they leave the session with an overwhelming sense of peace. Mental and physical illness can be reduced or removed, and you will be better able to cope with the issues causing your imbalance. You will feel a difference. When you leave the session you can expect to feel a bit light headed, but energized and relaxed, so it would be best to schedule a time when you can go home afterward and rest.

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