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There are a number of books, websites, Youtube videos, reality TV shows, and webinars that give out information on the healing art of Reiki. While this has been a positive step in bringing Reiki into the mainstream, it has also created a great deal of confusion as to what Reiki actually is. This is because the art of Reiki was traditionally passed down from master to student in a structured format, not in an endless amount of unconnected sound bites from over a thousand masters. So, the following is only a basic introduction to Reiki. I do this because the details are unnecessary unless you are planning to become a student. Then the details should be given in a structured format, which I go further into on my Reiki Instruction page.

If you are interested in learning more, there are some amazing books out there written by experienced masters. Some of the books I suggest to my students are on my Further Readings page. I would also advise against looking at any YouTube videos, because the information they present may be confusing to those who have not studied Reiki. I am not saying anything against them, but any new form of alternative healing goes up against so many preprogrammed ideas about what is possible, that we must be aware of how our representation of Reiki will affect a person’s decision to approach it with an open mind. For many of my clients, their open mind allowed them to relax and let me do my work. Afterward, they felt the difference, and that was all that mattered. 

Reiki 101: (taken from my Reiki 1 certification workbook & Reiki 101 Continuing education class book)

REIKI (pronounced Ray-Key) is a tool used by energy workers to connect to a high vibration of energy for healing and renewal. Energy workers have practiced some form of this art in cultures all across the world. The theories on where this energy comes from differ greatly, but they are all describing the same energy… so it can be used by, and given to, anyone. The energy we use for healing has been described as “the source of life itself and far older in concept and fact than any religious philosophy,” and it goes by many names:

China: Chi 
Hindu: Prana 
Japan: Ki
Russia: Bioplasmic 
Hippocrates: “Nature’s life force” 
Kahunas: Mana 
Christians: Holy Spirit 
Egyptians: Ka 
Greeks: Pneuma

The Reiki Healing System allows me to bring this higher vibration of energy into my body and then let it flow out through my hands. So, it is not my energy you will be receiving. Instead you will be receiving a higher vibration of healing energy that will balance the energy in your body. Illness vibrates at a low level. Since positive energy and negative energy cannot coexist, when I bring a higher vibration of energy into your body the negative energy that is creating your imbalance will can eventually dissipate or transform into a higher vibration. The energy will also clear any blockages you may have so that your body’s energy will flow more freely and without obstruction. Each person responds differently to Reiki. You may see colors, you may see pictures, you may feel heat coming out of my hands, and you may also become so relaxed that you fall asleep. The nice thing about Reiki is that you don’t have to believe in it for it to work. The energy I am using is not part of any religion, so it does not require your belief in it for it to flow through you. I will be using hand placements along your chakra system, which are energy centers in your body that line up along your spine. Each chakra affects a different area in your body and contributes to the health of your organs, your neural system, and the others systems that help your body function. All you have to do during the session is relax, I will do the rest. If you want, you can imagine energy coming through my hands and into your body. This often helps increase the flow of energy. It sometimes takes several sessions for you to experience any major changes to your body and mind, but you will feel a difference when you leave today. Before the session begins you will need to remove anything from your pockets like loose change or your wallet. Your will also need to remove your shoes, your belt, and any jewelry you may be wearing unless you want it charged with Reiki, like your wedding ring. The session will take about forty-five minutes to an hour to complete.

My experience with Reiki:

Until 2001, the closest I ever came to any form of eastern healing modality was rubbing the belly of the plastic Buddha sitting at the door of my favourite Chinese restaurant. Then I received my first chakra alignment and a whole new world opened up to me. During the alignment I felt this change in my overall mood and energy level and I decided to research it further. Having no idea what a chakra was, I was eventually lead to a Reiki Master here in Dallas named Kay Windham who suggested I try a Reiki attunement and see if it may be something I would be interested in. I made an appointment for the following week.

Going into my first Reiki session, I was both skeptical and very curious. I really did not know what to expect or what I was getting myself into. I was met at the door by a very kind and loving woman who brought me into the back room of her home where she spent about twenty minutes describing what a Reiki session was and what I should expect. Honestly, when she started talking about etheric bodies, energy transferals, and other metaphysical terms, I started to think I was about to waist a lot of money on something as reputable as the psychic friends network. She sensed my doubt and told me that I did not need to believe in Reiki to receive it. Which was a good thing because it was a lot for me to ingest at one time. Pushing my doubts aside, I decided to enter the session with an open mind.

What followed afterward was nothing short of amazing. The hour-long session left me feeling almost detached from my body and so light headed I had to wait about twenty minutes before I could leave. I felt revitalized and so filled with joy and hope that I knew this was not only something I wanted to learn how to perform on myself, but give to others as well.

I have now studied and practiced Reiki since 2002 and received my Reiki mastership shortly before my master died of cancer. During my training, she showed me how the Reiki healing system could be used to increase my vibrational frequency and create a greater flow of energy. As my vibration level changed all the negative thoughts and emotions I had carried around with me since my childhood started coming to the surface so I could deal with them. To say that the Reiki system, along with Yoga and meditation, changed my life would be an understatement. I am who I am today because of what I have chosen to learn and how I have chosen to apply it. This is how we create ourselves. The Reiki system gave me the foundation I needed to begin building the man I wanted to be.

In Memory of Kay Windham:

I felt a great loss when I learned that my Reiki Master lost her battle with cancer. She would have died years before, but her use of Reiki and other holistic healing modalities kept her alive and in good spirits through her ending days. I owe a great deal of who I am to Kay and wish her love and happiness on her next journey. Her love and warmth will live on and I only hope I can one day do the same for someone else that she did for me.

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