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There is more to Meditation than most think, which is why I routinely teach Meditation 101 classes at the university of Texas in Arlington and through my Meetup.com group. I have used different forms of meditation at different times in my life and each time it has proven to be affective. I always tell people that my favorite thing to do is, “not think.” But for many the thought of not thinking seems almost impossible, which is unfortunate because “not thinking” is the closest to peace (and the present moment) that one can get. Now, I obviously can’t “not think” all the time as the world is not set up that way, but I do enjoy “not thinking” every now and then.             

While I do not teach individual classes on meditation, I do incorporate different forms of meditation during my Yoga, Reiki, and counseling sessions. I also teach different forms of meditation when teaching Yoga and Reiki.

Meditation 101 Class at The University of Texas in Arlington (UTA)

In 2013 I worked with the University of Texas in Arlington to create a nine hour course in meditation for their continuing eudcation department. TheSpring 2015 class is listed on their continuing education site:

Meditation Class Dallas

Meditation 101 Class on Meetup.com

In 2012 I began teaching a 3 hour course in meditation through Meetup.com. This class eventaully evolved into the longer class I teach at UTA. Check out my meetup.com group for upcomming classes.

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