Energy and Healing

(an excerpt from the "Renewed Spirit Reiki 2 Workbook")

People live with stagnant energy, negative energy, manic energy, some take energy from others, and some give their energy away without even knowing it.  Some of us give all of our energy to our past or to a future that doesn’t exist while others give energy away to something hoping to get something in return.  If we don’t get anything in return, we often continue pumping more and more energy into it hoping the situation will change creating a deficiency that will end up completely draining us.  Drained, we often take energy from others to make up for the loss.  If we manage to detach ourselves from something that’s draining our energy, we find ourselves with more energy than we’re used to.  Since change feels uncomfortable to us, we often look for something else to drain our energy.  

When we feel drained, we sometimes look for things outside of us to bring us happiness.  Unfortunately this happiness is temporary, doesn’t give us any energy in return, and we end up using more energy to find more things to bring us happiness in an effort to make up for the energy we just lost.  This creates a loop that often throws us into a state of severe physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalance… which is what has bought many of us to the Reiki healing system.

As we begin living at a higher vibration through our Reiki practice, we are able to see what we give our energy to with more clarity.  This is why we let so many things go as we progress through our learning.  Where once we may have used the energy of others to stay on the same journey that was draining us, the need for that extra energy dissolves as we disconnect ourselves from that which no longer serves us.  When this happens, we create an energy reservoir used to regulate our body systems more efficiently by creating a higher state of consciousness.  Were as before we may have felt uncomfortable with this extra energy, our bodies have been slowly conditioned to not only hold the energy, but use it without the fear of it being depleted.  Much like a person who starves themselves for weeks, then eats, the body will store a majority of the food incase the body is starved again.  A person who eats regularly has a body that metabolizes the food at the rate that it is ingested without fear of being depleted.  This allows the body to function more healthily.  The same goes with our energy, once we no longer starve ourselves by giving our energy to things that imbalance us, once our body becomes used to having a reservoir of energy, it will no longer hold onto that energy for fear that we’ll deplete ourselves again, and it will be able to regulate it more freely to things that will nurture us.  

Steve Reedy
September 2005





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