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Counseling Session:

  duration cost    
Counseling Session in Oaklawn Uptown 1 hour $95.00    
Reiki Healing Session
duration cost includes
  1 - 1.5 hrs $85.00
Healing session with Reiki, Sound Bowls, Crystals & Stones. Counseling provided after session. Outcall is avalable for hospital, hospice, and home visits. See: Reiki
Thai Reiki Session      
  duration cost includes
  2 hrs $140.00 Thai Massage, sound bowls, and Reiki healing. See: Thai Reiki
Reiki Classes
All classes are taught one on one, except my classes
Reiki I Attunement Class:  up to 6 hrs  $185

You will be taught a six-hour class as close to the traditional Usui/Takata teachings as possible. You will learn what Reiki is, what it does, how to connect to a healing vibration of energy, how to direct that energy into yourself and then into someone else. You will learn what a Chakra is, and how to balance your chakra system using the Reiki method of connection. You will be able to find your chakra, and taught how to determine if a chakra is out of balance, on yourself or on someone else. Then you go home and practice. A Reiki I instructional Workbook is provided.

Sundays, and week days when available.
Reiki II Attunement Class:
Sundays, and week days when available.
up to 6 hrs $225

In this class you will learn more advanced forms of healing and meditation including time and distance healing, mental and emotional healing, and how to use symbols to increase the strength of the Reiki method. Reiki II instructional Workbook provided.


Reiki III Attunement Class:

up to 6 hrs  $285

In this six-hour class you will learn the last step to becoming a master. You will learn how to remove obstructions, reduce cancer cells, reset the nervous system, and approach other medical issues. You will learn visualization techniques, how to teach Reiki, and how to give an attunement. Reiki III instructional Workbook provided.

Sundays, and week days when available.
Intermittent Class: 2 hrs or more $110.00

In this class I give my students a chance to practice the Reiki Method. If you have questions regarding advanced Reiki healing techniques, meditation, visualizations, chemotherapy balancing, obstruction removal, or other mental/medical techniques, you can request a one on one class. You can also receive a healing session and then practice giving one. Crystals, stones, and healing bowls are provided.

Individual Yoga Classes
All classes are taught one on one unless you wish to learn with your friend or partner.
Beginner's Training (5 classes) 1.5 hours


Add $10 per session for outcalls (15 mile radius) For additional information visit: Class Informaiton
Saturdays & Weekdays when available
Personalized Yoga Therapy Sessions 1.5 hours $75.00 Add $10 per session for outcalls (15 mile radius) For additional information visit: Class Informaiton
Group Classes 1.5 hours $95.00 Class must be at your location, no limit to number in group (aditional cost for location beyond 15 mile radius)


  duration 1 session 3 sessions
Thai Massage 1.5 - 2 hours $110.00 $280.00
Medical Neuromuscular Massage 1.5 hours $110.00 $290.00
Medical Neuromuscular Massage 2 hours $130.00  $360.00 
Rejuvenation Massage with Reiki 2 hours $130.00 $360.00
Rejuvenation Massage 1.5 hour $110.00 $280.00

Rejuvenation Massage

1 hour $85.00 $235.00
Meditation 101 Class
Meditation 101 class: see meditation 3 hours $20.00 donation meditation reiki dallas





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Individua & Group Yoga Instruction

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