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Yoga Therapy

I have practiced yoga since 2002. I received my Yoga teacher’s certification in order to use yoga as a form of therapy for my clients dealing with specific muscle issues (like frozen shoulder, chronic back pain, sciatica, and so on) and mental issues (like PTSD, depression, and other forms of anxiety). Each class I teach uses assanas (poses), pranayama (breathing), and meditation techniques to help bring your body and mind back to a state of balance, and is taught specifically toward your needs. I've combined my neuromuscular therapy background, Rieki training, Thai massage training, and other forms of bodywork to strengthen the effect of each session. I have already seen it make a difference both physically and mentally in the cleints I have taught. Plus, learning how to take care of yourself at home not only helps you heal at a faster rate, but also gives you a preventative practice so that the problem is less likely to come back.

Scientifically Proven

Studies have shown that Yoga (in all of its forms) has a scientifically proven effect on mental and physical healing. Yoga was created to bring harmony back to the mind and body. For example, someone who has been sexually traumatized, or had a traumatizing illness or accident may not feel safe living in his/her body, and may begin living his/her life from the neck up (Weintraub, 2012). MBSR training for survivors of sexual trauma at the University of Marylan Center of Integrative Medicine showed that including gentle yoga in its treatment created a dramatic decrease in symptoms of PTSD, depression, and anxiety after 8 weeks (Weintraub, 2012). Similar studies show that Yoga asanas (the physical practice), mantra-based meditation, pranayama (breath work), and guided imagery are effective in working with mental and physical trauma, and can be a gentle way to help you reclaim your mind and body.

Faster Results:

My form of individual yoga instruction can bring you safer and faster results than attending a group class. I guide you through each pose, helping you make alterations, while incorporating acupressure, balancing techniques, and Thai Massage. With two classes a week, over one and a half months, a client was able to show more progress than I was able to achieve in six months. Not only has it help her physically, but she reported a drastic, and positive, change in her overall outlook.

Many of my clients have voiced their concerns (and fears) about jumping into a yoga class without training. These session will prepare you for more advanced classes that may have little instruction. You will have both the knowledge of the poses and the confidence to do them.  

The Yoga Therapy Sessions

  • The session will be designed to work at your level
  • You will learn aditional strech techniques for specific muscle issues
  • You were learn how to correctly hold a pose
  • You will learn poses that will help realign your body
  • You will learn pranayama breath work to help calm and realign your mind
  • You will learn meditation techniques to help calm your mind anywhere you may go.
  • You will be given nutrition advice
  • The instruction will be gentle and supportive
  • You will receive Thai assisted stretching to help losten muscles
  • The class will take an hour and a half per session
  • You will need a yoga mat, yoga strap, and two yoga blocks (they can be provided, but you should buy them so that you can practice on your own)

The 5 session class (suggested over five weeks):

This is a great introduction to yoga and will prepare you for any yoga group class. You will be taught the concepts behind yoga, the main poses, breath work, and meditation. This is not a boot camp or Bikram style of teaching. We go at your pace while mindful of what your body will allow. We will slowly work you into each pose so you know what you are doing and why you are doing it. You will also learn tricks to avoiding injury and methods for strengthening your practice. Class materials and workbook provided.

Individual Yoga Therapy Session:

These classes are focused on using yoga as personal therapy. Each class focuses on where you are at that time, mentally, physically, and emotionally. You will be taught what best works for you at that time, with counseling, Thai massage, sound bowls, and other methods used when needed. These classes have also been used for individual yoga lessons to strengthen one practice.


$350.00 for the Beginner's Training 5 session class: (Add $10 per session for outcalls - 15 mile radius)

$50.00 for individual yoga therapy sessions of 1.5 hours.

$75.00 for group classes, must be at your location, no limit to number in group (aditional cost will be added for location beyond 15 mile radius)

If you have any questions please contact me by phone or by email.






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