Crystals & Sound Bowls

The universe is made up of vibrational energetic waves. There is a great deal of theory as to how and why these waves form structure, like rocks, plants, and humans, but science has proven that vibration produces change in one’s environment, both external and internal. Because of this, different vibrations are used to promote healing. Crystal healing and sound therapy are two techniques that use vibration to enhance the healing process. Sound bowls, crystals, and stones can be used to stimulate the healing process in, and bring balance to, the biological and etheric body. They can also boost the effectiveness of other modalities like yoga, massage, and Reiki.  Some refer to this as holistic healing.   

Sound Bowls

There are many ways a practitioner can use vibration therapy to restore balance to the body. For example, I use hand-held, eight-inch, crystal sound bowls. Each bowl is tuned to a specific vibration that affects a specific chakra. I use the bowls at the beginning of a Reiki session to stimulate and open the chakra system, which greatly helps in the effectiveness of the session—and it also sooths the scattered minds of clients who arrive after an over active day. I also use the vibration of brass bowls to break up knotted muscle tissue, which is greatly appreciated by my clients who don’t enjoy having my elbow in their back for an hour.

Crystals & Stones

I use crystals and stones during my Reiki sessions because they help amplify the energy I am placing into my client. Each stone has a specific vibration to it, so each stone has a different effect on the body. For example, when I have a client who is recovering from surgery, or experiencing side effects from chemo or radiation therapy, I will use black tourmaline and selenite to energetically clean the area. I have several stones that I use, and have listed some at the bottom of this page. 


When the vibration of a stone or sound bowl is amplified with Reiki, it can have a considerable effect on the person being treated. My stones and sound bowls have proven to be a valuable addition to my practice and the effect they have on the mind and body never ceases to amaze me.

Some of The Stones I Use

I use an average of twenty or more stones during a session, and I use specific stones for specific issues. Here is a short list of a few stones I use. For the exact metaphysical properties of each stone, you can check out Silver Pyrmid’s descriptions at

Pink Tourmalinated Quartz

This stone is an opener. When placed at the root chakra it opens the body emotionally. When placed at the heart chakra it fills the body with peace and joy. It improves the nervous system, blood circulation and purification in the spleen, and helps with heart disorders.


I use this as a grounding stone and place it at the feet during a Reiki session. It is also a cleansing stone, and is used to pull negative energies from the body.   


I place this stone near the root chakra to ground and heal. 


The happy stone. I place this one near the solar plexus to aid in stimulating self-confidence, self-esteem, and peace.


These stones are the most powerful ones I have. They work with the upper chakras, but more specifically, they have a healing role all over the body, and on all levels.


I uses this stone to open and balance the crown chakra, which makes it easer for me to cleans the bodies energy pathways from the head to the foot.  


I uses this as a protective and stabilizing stone for the upper chakras, and place it neat the solar  plexus.

Red Jasper

This stone assists me with the sacral chakra, and boosts positive energy.


This stone is placed near the third-eye chakra to calm the mind and stimulate a client’s intuition.

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