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Reiki Class In Dallas, Texas

How a student learns Reiki is just as important as what the student is learning. Each Reiki master teaches with a personal style. The Reiki classes I teach, and the certifications I give, are based on the traditional Usui/Takata Reiki Method. I also look at Reiki from several perspectives, drawing on my background in counseling, nutrition, yoga, Thai healing, and neuromuscular therapy. Using all of this I place as much emphasis on helping my students change their mind and body to be a better conduit for the energy as I do on technique, for one affects the other. 

I teach Reiki as a meditational art, not as a belief or religion, which Reiki is neither. Reiki is a discipline, much like Thai Chi or Jujutsu. I also use examples from other healing arts to explain the background and effectiveness behind certain Reiki techniques to make them more easily understandable.

Reiki Class Levels

Reiki classes are taught in a three level structure. Each level provides students with specific techniques on how to channel and use a high vibration of healing energy. Additionally, they open students to receive the highest vibration of energy their body can maintain at that time. The body will then need time to adjust to the new vibration. Then, once they have practiced their current level, they are ready to move on to the next level.

Classes are taught one-on-one and take up to six hours.

Reiki Level One Certification

This is the “training-wheels” class. You will learn what Reiki is, and how to connect to a healing vibration of energy. Then you will learn how to direct that energy into yourself and someone else. I also teach what a Chakra is, and how to balance your Chakra system using the Reiki method of connection. Before the end of the class you will be taught how to find your chakras, and how to determine if a chakra is out of balance, on yourself or on someone else. A Reiki I Instruction Workbook is provided so that you can focus on the class and instead of taking notes.

Reiki Level Two Certification

In this class you will learn more advanced forms of healing and meditation including time and distance healing, mental and emotional healing, and how to use symbols to increase the strength and intention of the Reiki method. A Reiki II Instruction Workbook is provided.

Reiki Level Three Certification

In this class you will learn the information you need to become a master. You will also learn how to remove energetic obstructions, reduce cancer cells, reset the nervous system, and other techniques. You will also learn new visualization techniques, how to teach Reiki, and how to give an attunement. A Reiki III Instruction Workbook is provided.

Reiki Intermittent Class

In this two-hour class I give my students a chance to practice the Reiki Method. If you have questions regarding advanced Reiki healing techniques, meditation, visualizations, obstruction removal, medical issues (like how to help someone who is receiving chemotherapy), or other techniques, you can request a intermittent one on one class. You will receive a healing session at the beginning of the class, and then practice. I always suggest that my students practice on other Reiki students/masters because they are more receptive to the energy and easier to practice on. I also offer a chance to practice in a group setting on the second Sunday of every month. The Reiki share is free, and you can sign up through my meetup group.

Questions Often Asked

How Much Time Is A Class ?

Times vary depending on how a teacher teaches, and on the number of students being taught. I teach one-on-one classes, and each class lasts up to 8 hours, taking one day to complete. The time between levels varies from student to student, but the average time between level 1 and level 2 is four months. The average time between level 2 and level 3 is nine months.

Do you need to learn all three levels?

Not all my students learn all three levels. Some just want balance in their life and learn one or two levels.  

Do you need to learn all three levels from the same master?

I have taught students who moved away and found other masters to complete their training. I have also taught students from different masters. Each master teaches differently, but if you are learning traditional Reiki, then ultimately it is the same technique being taught. If my student has already learned some of the levels, then I begin the class by reviewing what the student learned, and then I determine where to begin from there. I do suggest researching your teacher before you commit to a class since every teacher has different talents and a different perspective on the art. 

Why Do I teach Reiki?

I chose to teach Reiki because I enjoy helping others learn how to heal themselves. This has been the foundation of my practice since I began. I enjoy watching my students grow through the learning process, and I provide different ways for them to continue their education long after the class has ended. Plus, selfishly, I become a better master with each student I teach.

Other Methods For Teaching Reiki

I taught “Reiki 101” classes at the University of Texas in Arlington (UTA), and I use some of that material when teaching my level one, two, and three students. Additionally, I have been asked to speak at seminars, and group meetings on the benefits of Reiki, and I now teach continuing education classes through meetup. I have also incorporated some of the Reiki ideals in my Monkey Mind Tales Book Series. In short, I take what I teach seriously, and I present the art of Reiki in the best way I can, just as my master did for me. Though she has passed on, her love and warmth will live on in those she helped on their way, and I only hope I can one day do the same for someone else that she did for me.

Mastering Reiki

Steps to Mastering Reiki

  1. Level One Attunement & Class

    Receive your level one attunement/class from a certified Reiki Master, preferably face to face—in a class or individual setting. Then take what you learned and practice, practice, practice until you feel you are ready for level two (students usually know when they are ready). The average time between level one and two is about three to four months.

  2. Level Two Attunement & Class

    Receive your level two attunement/class from a certified Reiki Master. Then go home and practice, practice, practice until you feel you are ready for the master level. Some are ready after four months, some are ready after a year or longer… and some are fine with staying at level two.

  3. Level Three Attunement & Class

    Receive your level three attunement/class from a certified Reiki Master. Then go home and practice, practice, practice… and continue to practice. A person becomes a master in his or her own time.

  4. Mastership

    Like any discipline, to Master Reiki, you have to commit your life to it, until it is as natural to you as breathing. Reiki will become an integral part of who you are in your everyday life, and continue to grow as you experiment with it and make it your own.

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