Neuromuscular Therapy

I have studied and used neuromuscular therapy (NMT) since 2003. I received two hundred hours worth of training, and then became a teacher’s assistant for two and a half years. Its creators used 800 pages worth of documented research to explain NMT. To describe it in detail would take a very long time—and I wouldn’t do it justice.  So, I will just give you the basics.

Modern Neuromuscular Therapy

Modern NMT is the synthesis of eastern bodywork and western medicine. For over ninety years this technique has evolved and grown to become one of the most affective forms of medical bodywork used in Europe and America. NMT focuses on our body systems and how they interact with each other, fascial, muscle, neurological, and lymphatic. It examines the cause of dysfunction that brings our body out of homeostasis; like trigger points, postural dysfunction, nerve entrapment, nerve compression, ischemia, inflammation, and pain. 

NMT is designed to work the muscles with greater detail and care than most massages by using techniques specifically designed for each individual muscle to help bring that muscle back to a state of homeostasis. Because of this, NMT allows my clients to get the maximum benefit from the work with no additional harm to the muscle. 

Using NMT, I have helped several people out of chronic neck, shoulder, hip, and back pain. I helped a woman suffering from fifteen years worth of chronic back pain whose doctor told her that she would have to live with it for the rest of her life.  I helped another woman who was suffering from ten years worth of chronic hip problems and never sought out therapy because she thought it was something she would just have to live with.  I also helped a sixty-three year old man have the legs and hips to dance again. 

NMT is absolutely amazing, and the fact that I have contributed to one less person having to walk around with chronic pain was worth every second I spent learning these techniques.    

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