Reiki Sessions

While I do many things, I am first and foremost a Reiki master/teacher. Reiki has been the foundation for everything I have learned since 2001. I studied muscle therapy to better understand physical imbalance. I received my masters in counseling to better understand mental imbalance. I studied yoga to better understand energy imbalance. I studied crystal and sound therapy to better my knowledge on the use of vibration to heal the body. All of this has made me a more effective Reiki master, and has allowed me to enhance my ability to help others heal themselves. Below is a general outline of the Reiki sessions I provide. 

Your Reiki session is designed to meet your specific needs. I have three types of sessions to choose from. When you contact me, we can discuss which one fits you. 

Reiki Healing Session (1.5 hours)

Reiki / Sound Bowls / Crystals & Stones

With this session I combine Reiki with crystal/stone therapy and sound vibrations. After scanning your body, I use hand placements along your chakra system to remove any blockages. During this I amplify the crystals and stones with Reiki. The session is performed on a massage table. So wear something comfortable. 

I have seen positive results from this session. Different forms of cancer, neurological dysfunction, head trauma, anxiety, depression, divorce relief, and a number of other conditions and situations benefit from this technique.

The session is scheduled for an hour and a half. The treatment itself lasts for up to an hour. The additional thirty minutes is used at the beginning to discuss anything you wish to have focused on, and at the end for any insights I received during the session.

Energy work affects everyone differently. After a Reiki session, most say they leave with an overwhelming sense of peace. Mental and physical illness can be reduced or removed, and you will be better able to cope with the issues causing your imbalance. When you leave the session you can expect to feel a bit light headed, but energized and relaxed. If possible, schedule a time when you can do something relaxing afterward.

If a client is unable to come to my office due to medical reasons, I can provide a healing session in a home, hospice, or hospital. I am also ordained, which gives me the ability to visit a hospital after visiting hours.

NMT Reiki Massage: (up to 2 hours)

This massage treatment combines Neuromuscular Massage Therapy (NMT) with thirty minutes of a Reiki session. This is a unique form of physical therapy. It is different than a spa massage. Your circulatory, nervous, muscle, and other body systems are worked to create a state of homeostasis between your biologic and etheric body. This massage has worked well with releasing chronic pain, reversing functional scoliosis, healing plantar fasciitis, resetting a hypertensive nervous system, and many other medical issues. While a Reiki session without a massage does wonders for your mind and body, the NMT Reiki Massage can further relieve the biological damage caused by your imbalance.

If you’ve never had Reiki, I suggest trying a Reiki session first to unblock your chakra system. This will help the NMT Reiki massage be more effective.

Thai Reiki: (about 2 hours)

This session combines Thai Massage with about thirty minutes of a Reiki session and sound bowls. Thai Massage is performed on a mat. It uses acupressure and assisted stretching. Wear comfortable clothing that you can be stretched in.

Using Reiki after the technique has proven to be extremely effective since both go perfect with each other. Both are designed to free your body from energy blockages. You can learn more about this technique at: Thai Reiki.

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