Thai Massage

Thai Massage or The Ancient Healing Art of Thailand (1.5 hours) 

The Ancient Healing Art of Thailand, or Thai Massage as it is called in the West, was created for the purpose of preventing imbalances in the body. This makes it quite different than most western forms of massage, which were created to deal with pain rather than prevent pain from occurring in the first place. In Thailand, Thai Massage is more prevalent than any other form of medicine in preventing disease. This is because it is designed to affect every body system; muscular, skeletal, endocrine, neurological, etc. The technique is over two thousand years old. I have incorporated it into my practice because, while it is good to seek help once a problem has manifested, it is better to be proactive and prevent the problem from occurring in the first place.

A Thai Massage Is Not A Massage

A Thai Massage is not a massage. It incorporates acupressure and assisted stretching techniques. Wear loose fitting clothing that are good for stretching—like you would wear at the gym or to a yoga class. You will not be unclothed at anytime.

During the session you will lay down on a floor mat. I will then apply acupressure using palms, forearms, knees, elbows, and feet. This is to release energy blockages along the bodies SEN/Meridian lines (energy lines). Using body weight for leverage and balance, I will also apply assisted yoga stretching. Assisted stretching is different than traditional stretching in that you just lye there and allow me to do all the work. This prevents other muscle groups from being activated during the stretch.

The session takes about an hour and a half to two hours. For the full benefit of preventative therapy it is suggested that you receive a session every one to two weeks. 

After A Thai Massage

Clients have noticed a change in their mental and physical state of being after just one session Most reported a tingling feeling of aliveness that stays with them long after they left. Others have noticed a considerable difference in their overall quality of life after several sessions. Every system in the body is affected with this technique, and overall mental and physical health is greatly increased. 

I love doing this massage and I feel fortunate to have been given the opportunity to go to Thailand to learn it so that I can share it with others. 

I also do a Thai Reiki session where in incorporate Reiki and sound bowls. Check out Thai Reiki

For more information about Thai Massage visit: History of What Po.

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