Healing Your Energy

The concept of holistic healing, chakras, and etheric energy may be new to you. It is easier to understand when you take a closer look at why it may need to be healed. People live with stagnant energy, negative energy, manic energy, some take energy from others, and some give their energy away without even knowing it. Some of give all of their energy to thoughts of their past or thoughts of their future. Others give energy away to something while hoping to get something in return. If they don’t get anything in return, they often continue putting more and more energy into it hoping the situation will change. This creates a deficiency that will end up completely draining them. 

Drained, they often take energy from others to make up for the loss. If they manage to detach themselves from something that’s draining their energy, they find themselves with more energy than they’re used to. Since change feels uncomfortable to them, they often look for something else to drain them.  

When people feel drained, they sometimes look for things outside themselves to bring them happiness. Unfortunately this happiness is temporary. It doesn’t give them enough energy in return. Therefore, they end up using more energy to find more things to bring them happiness in an effort to make up for the energy they just lost. This creates a loop that often throws them into a state of physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalance.

Physical Representation Of Energy

There are people who give their energy to receive money, which becomes a physical representation of their energy. There are those who use this physical representation of their energy for something that will replenish their energy. There are also those who use this physical representation of their energy for something that has no energy, or reduces their energy. This creates an energy deficit. Consequently, they then use what little energy they have left to try and climb out of this deficit, or repeat the cycle until they are completely drained.

The World Of Self Help

An imbalance in energy is why many people enter the world of self-help and natural healing. But, while these modalities can help restore balance, you must learn to maintain the balance yourself, or else get stuck in the loop of self-help.

Do you give your energy to the past or to the future? If so, try using thought stopping techniques like the gassho meditation technique to keep your thoughts from draining you. Do you use the energy of others to stay on the same journey that is draining you? If so, then fix, or disconnect from what’s draining you, and the need to drain others will dissolve. Do you give more energy than you receive, or use your energy for things that give you no energy in return? If so, take notice and put right the imbalance.

Most people live with an energy deficiency. By balancing your energy, the life you are living becomes more livable. Imagine waking up in the morning with just the morning to great you, not thoughts that drain you. Imagine carrying that peace with you through the rest of the day. If you can’t, then fix it. If you don’t know how, ask.

The world of self-help can seem intimidating, and there are those in it who intentionally, or unintentionally, drain those who seek their services. If you are looking heal your energy, research the modality, book, or person, you are thinking of using.

Life is about the balance of energy. You can see it within nature, and you can see it within yourself. There is a world of people out there who want to help you back to a state of balance. All you have to do is look.

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