Thai Reiki

What is Thai Reiki?

Thai-Reiki combines both Thai Massage and Reiki in one session. They both go perfect with each other because both are designed to free the body from energy blockages with one using pressure and stretching and the other using a high vibration of healing energy.  


Clients who experienced a Thai Reiki session reported an elevation in mood and physicality. Weekly treatments for two months have shown great success with depression, anxiety, migraines, and other mental and physical issues. Basically you get all the benefits of a Reiki session and a Thai Massage, the combination of which creates an amazingly effective, and lasting, healing experience.  

The Session

The session will lasts up to two hours. Wear comfortable clothes that you can be stretched in. Try not to eat anything heavy before the session. During the session, little or no effort is needed from you. You just lay on the mat and let me do the work. You may feel a little dizzy afterward, so try to avoid scheduling anything directly after the session. 

“I always leave feeling relaxed, refreshed, balanced and full of energy.”

Dan Nolan

Note: Before considering a thai massage: if you have a specific issue like a frozen shoulder, then a neuromuscular massage would be more appropriate. If you are suffering from disease or issue like cancer, then a Reiki session would be more appropriate. But, if you want an overall body healing and a peaceful state of mind, then try a Thai Reiki massage.

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