What is Reiki?

When I discovered Reiki in 2001, there was only a small amount of information available. There were a few books, a few websites, and what was given to me by my Reiki master. Now, there are hundreds of books, thousands of websites, plus countless Youtube videos, webinars, and pre-recorded pod casts. Reiki has been discussed on talk shows and performed on reality TV. It was also mentioned on hit television shows like “Modern Family” and “Castle.”

This was a positive step in introducing Reiki to the general public. Unfortunately, it also created a great deal of confusion as to what Reiki actually is, how it’s done, and what it can do.  

Reiki Symbol Art

Meditational Tool

Reiki is a meditational tool. It assists me in drawing a high vibration of healing energy into my body. I can then send this energy out through my hands. Some refer to this technique as “hands on healing,” since the higher vibration of energy is used to raise the vibration of your biological and etheric body to promote healing.

To better understand this process, consider that everything around you has a vibration to it: plants, stones, air, humans, everything. When the body is vibrating in a state of balance, everything is functioning. The body is thrown out of balance because of poor nutrition, lack of sleep, stress, anxiety, and so on. This lowers the body’s vibration to a state of dysfunction. This imbalance affects both the biological body and the etheric body, which causes varying forms of distress and illness. High and low vibrations cannot coexist in the same space at the same time. The Reiki method sends a higher vibration of energy into the body. Therefore, the negative vibration of energy that is creating an imbalance must dissipate or transform to a higher vibration. This is what stimulates a body’s ability to heal itself.

This high vibration of healing energy can be used to rejuvenate the body, its many systems, and help reduce and/or heal specific issues like depression, epilepsy, and the side effects caused by chemo and radiation therapy. For more benefits visit my Results page.

Reiki Masters

Every Reiki master is different, and has different talents. Some masters may focus on something specific like animals, or children, or midwifery. Some masters have created their own version of Reiki. They then teach that version as a form of continued education—or as a complete replacement for the traditional Usui/Takata version.

If you are looking for a Reiki master, do some research before selecting the right one for you. If you’re not sure where to begin, you can start by typing “Reiki Master Near Me” in Google.


Also, Reiki is not a Religion. As a client, you don’t have to believe in Reiki for it to work. Reiki masters often attach their own beliefs to Reiki. This is why it can be practiced in every country across the world without threatening a practitioner’s belief system. That being said, a doctor shouldn’t ask you to take on a belief system before agreeing to help you, and neither should a Reiki master.

The Reiki Session

A Reiki session is most often performed in a practitioner’s healing space. But Reiki can be done anywhere. This makes it assessable to someone in a hospital or hospice. A traditional Reiki session focuses on aligning your Chakra system. It also removes energetic blockages in your biological and etheric body. It can focus on specific issues like cancer, chronic pain, depression, or other specific issues.

During the session, all you have to do is relax and the practitioner does the rest. Specific hand placements are used to raise your body’s vibration to a state of balance. During this, you may feel the practitioner’s palms grow hot. You may also see colors, feel vibration, feel peace, see images—every client experiences Reiki differently. Furthermore, each session may be different from the previous one. This is why I suggest my clients try three sessions (each within ten days of each other). The effect of each session builds on the previous one. It sometimes takes a few sessions for you to experience major changes. 

My Reiki sessions take about an hour and a half. This is because I use additional modalities like crystals/stones and crystal singing bowls to help open and align the chakras. I also make time for questions on what I did and what I found.

Preparing For A Session

There are also things you can do to prepare for the Reiki session before you arrive. Three days before a Reiki session try to avoid caffeine, processed sugar, and alcohol. It is also beneficial to cut down or avoid processed foods, soda, and meat if possible. Water is essential; as it will increase the body’s flow of energy and detox capability. All of this can increase the session’s effectiveness.

Create An Intention

Before the session begins, you can create an intention for the session’s outcome. If you are unsure how to create an intention I will be more than happy to create one with you.


This site provides information on reiki and reiki certifications. I also included information on alternative healing, counseling, and wellbeing. I am in the process of gathering more information on services, and practitioners in Dallas. You can find it on my additional resources page.

Reiki has been the foundation of my practice, and my life. The benefits of Reiki appear to be limitless, and I am continually awed by what it can do.

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