My Experience With Reiki

Until 2001, the closest I ever came to any form of eastern healing modality was rubbing the belly of the plastic Buddha sitting at the door of my favorite Chinese restaurant. My experience with Reiki began when I received my first chakra alignment. After that, a whole new world opened up to me.

I felt a change in my overall mood and energy level after my first chakra alignment. So, I decided to research it further. Having no idea what a chakra was, I was led to a Reiki Master here in Dallas named Kay Wyndham. She suggested I try a Reiki session and see if it may be something I would be interested in. I made an appointment for the following week. 

My First Reiki Session

Going into my first Reiki session, I was both skeptical and very curious. I really didn’t know what to expect—or what I was getting myself into. Kay brought me into the back room of her home. Then she spent about twenty minutes describing what a Reiki session was, and what I should expect. Honestly, when she started talking about etheric bodies, energy transferals, and other metaphysical terms, I started to think I was about to waist a lot of money on something as reputable as the psychic friends network. She sensed my doubt and told me that I did not need to believe in Reiki to receive it. Which was a good thing, because it was a lot for me to ingest at one time. Pushing my doubts aside, I decided to enter the session with an open mind. 

What followed afterward was nothing short of amazing. The hour-long session left me feeling almost detached from my body. I had to wait twenty minutes before I left because I was so light headed.Also, I felt revitalized. I was filled with joy and hope. After that moment, I knew Reiki was something I wanted to learn how to do for myself, and others as well. 

Learning Reiki

I have now studied and practiced Reiki since 2002. I received my Reiki mastership shortly before my master passed away in 2005. During my training, she showed me how the Reiki healing system could be used to increase my vibrational frequency and create a stronger flow of energy. As my vibration level changed, all the negative thoughts and emotions I had carried around with me since my childhood started coming to the surface so I could deal with them. My biology began to change, as did the undercurrent of my mood. Other changes followed, which led me into about eight years worth of intensive study in all forms of healing including. This included neuromuscular therapy, Thai Massage, crystal/stone and sound therapy. Eventually I received my masters in counseling and my yoga instructor’s license.

To say that the Reiki system, along with Yoga and meditation, changed my life would be an understatement. I am who I am today because of what I have chosen to learn and how I have chosen to apply it. This is how we create ourselves. The Reiki system gave me the foundation I needed to begin building the man I wanted to be.

Additional Note

I also wanted to note that I owe a great deal of who I am to Lainey Grace (my NMT instructor) and Kay Wyndham (my Reiki Master). Both have passed on and, before they did, they changed the course of many lives—as well as my own. To them I am truly grateful, and I have dedicated my life to helping others as they once helped me. 

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