Monkey Mind Tales® Book Series

Since 2011, I have spent what free time I have writing my Monkey Mind Tales® book series. It looks at the side effects of our social structure, how it affects children, and continues to affect them as they enter adulthood. I didn’t want to fill the world with another set of clinical self-help books. So, I wrote my book series in the spirit of Shel Silverstein, Roald Dahl, and Dr. Seuss.

Each book is a collection of six illustrated, read-a-long, short stories written in a children’s fairytale/fable format. The series’ presentation and writing style is reminiscent of children’s books written in late 1960’s and early 1970’s. It was during this period that children’s books were focused a great deal on social norms and social change.

The book series is written for children age seven and up. It also has a nostalgic feeling for adults (especially Baby Boomers and Gen Xers). Basically they are written for the “older child” and the “inner child.”

The themes I address are multilayered, universal, and reflect the timeless issues that are always with us no matter what generation we may find ourselves in. I continue to write the series as a means to create open conversations between adults and children. Though the stories reflect deeper themes, each book leaves readers inspired and with a different perspective on life.

My first and second books in the Monkey Mind Tales® series, Tales For Your Monkey’s Mind and More Tales For Your Monkey’s Mind are available. You can get them through my website and other book sites like Amazon, Barns & Noble, and Books-a-Million. My third book, Tales From Bombast’s Bookshelf will be available Fall 2019. My fourth book, Tales For Tra-La-La-Day, will be available after we’ve finished edits and illustrations.

“Tales For Your Monkey’s Mind” Book Launch

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