Results From Receiving Reiki

I have used Reiki since 2001, and I have seen it do things I never dreamed it could do. Books and websites often give a laundry list of results form receiving it, but they do not even scratch the surface of what this technique is capable of. I have personally seen it do the following:

Results Include

  • Reduce cancer cells / relieve effects of chemotherapy & radiation therapy
  • Reset a hypertensive nervous system
  • Speed up the healing process of surgery
  • Reduce or eliminate migraines
  • Reduce pain from menstruation cycles
  • Correct eyesight after stroke
  • Reduce and/or eliminate depressional thoughts
  • Reduce and/or eliminate anxiety
  • Reduce and/or eliminate body pains
  • Correct issues with TMJ
  • Clam the mind
  • Reduce or eliminate I.B.S.
  • Balance a newborn baby / reduce trauma of birth and discomfort of pregnancy
  • Bring peace to a toddler during a nasty divorce, and to the mother as well.
  • Boost creativity
  • Reduce and/or eliminate pain of detachment from a breakup or divorce
  • Calm seizures
  • Calm panic attacks
  • Reduce and/or eliminate Vertigo
  • Help in the correction of functional scoliosis
  • Elevate mood / peace of mind
  • Reduce the effects of HIV
  • Increase fertility
  • Kick start metabolism
  • Stimulate the re-growth of skin tissue after surgery

… and many others

Personal Results

When I began using Reiki, I had worn glasses for fifteen years. After my Reiki two attunement, I stopped having to wear glasses. I used Reiki on my sister to speed up the recovery from her pregnancies. I sent Reiki to my father thousands of miles away and it relieved the pain in his hip. My friend’s kitten was dying, and was lying on the floor unable to move. I placed my hands on the kitten and my friend watched as the kitten started twitching and his legs kept spasming as if I were sending electricity through him. I’d never seen anything like it happen before. Afterward, he finally ate. Within a few days he was well again. Now he’s a frisky young cat who loves to scratch me.  

I could go on and on. When I looked back at this list I honestly can’t believe I got to see all of this happen. In the beginning I had a basic understanding of what Reiki could do, but when I combined it with my knowledge of the human body, crystals, sound bowls, and meditation it did things I never dreamed possible. I’m not saying it is a cure-all, or that it can heal everything, but I’ve seen it do many wonderful things—and can’t wait to see what else it can do.  

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