Rejuvenation Massage

This 1.5 hour massage is designed to not only relax the body, but also rejuvenate it. The rejuvenation massage combines different forms of body therapy. It addresses your circulatory, nervous, muscle, lymphatic, and other body systems to create a state balance. 

I have had considerable success with this massage. It has continued to develop since 2003 by incorporating different modalities like neuromuscular therapy, Shiatsu, polarity therapy, MET (muscle energy techniques), lymphatic therapies, Thai massage, and a few tricks of my own.

Different Than A Spa Massage

This is different than a spa massage. That being said, I incorporated some Swedish/spa movements into the massage to create a level of relaxation. The massage provides the maximum amount of benefit in the shortest time possible. It reawakens, detoxifies, and heals the body while increasing range of motion, flexibility, and tone.

This massage is especially good for clients who sit at a computer all day, experience stress and anxiety, or are into sports, weight training, running, and yoga.

Rejuvenation Massage With Reiki 

This 1.5 hour massage gives the benefit of the Rejuvenation Massage while also infused with Reiki. After working the muscle and lymphatic systems, Reiki unblocks you energy pathways. It’s a great massage, but if you have never had a Reiki session before, and want to experience Reiki, I would suggest a Reiki session first, or to at least try a traditional Reiki session as well.

Neuromuscular Therapy Medical Massage

This 1.5 hour massage works the muscles with greater detail and care than most massages. It uses  techniques specifically designed for each individual muscle to help alleviate serious issues like frozen shoulder, chronic back pain, sciatica, and other serious issues. For more information check out NMT

For more details about my massage sessions session, visit sessions.

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