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I’ve had a website on the web since 2000—back in the pioneer days. Things are different now. People have less time to look and there is too much to look at. So, not wanting to waste your time or mine, I will post only things I am passionate about, or that I think may have some positive effect on the person who reads it. That being said, everything written is my opinion. So, as my Reiki master once told me, take what you like and leave what you don’t.

Introduction To The Illusion

Posted by Steve Reedy on  March 15, 2019
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(Note: I wrote this back in 2004. While my writing style has improved since then, I am still very attached to this, since it was part of four essays I wrote to help me through my awakening. I present it here, unchanged, and unedited. Other essays in this series are listed at the bottom.) In a way, the world seems trapped in the illusion of man… but it is man who is trapped, not the

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