Just Kidding

Kidding is defined as, “being playfully or teasingly deceptive.” The Oxford English Dictionary says that it is to “make a kid of” someone by fooling them using their innocence and trust.   Kidding In Relationships The foundation of any healthy relationship begins with trust, both in action and word. As a counselor, I’ve seen how “kidding” can harm a relationship, and that the “harm” is often permanent. Since I’ve had several clients come in with issues… Continue reading

Human Footprints

“Eve’s footprint” is the name given to a set of fossilized footprints found in 1995 on the shore of Langebaan Lagoon, South Africa. The footprints are thought to be made by a human female approximately 117,000 years ago. If this is correct, it makes them the oldest known footprints of an anatomically-modern human.  Your Different Footprints You leave imprints of change as you walk through life. We call these changes, “Footprints.” For example, your “Carbon Footprint” is the amount of… Continue reading

Anxiety: Use As Directed

The presence of anxiety, of a depressive mood or of a conflict within the mind, does not stamp any individual as having a psychological problem because, as a matter of fact, these qualities are indigenous to the species.” Charles Goodstein, MD, a clinical professor of psychiatry at New York University Langone Medical Center. Anxiety is a general term for several disorders that cause nervousness, fear, apprehension, and worry. It affects how we feel and how… Continue reading

Testing Stages Of Human Development

(Note: This was a graduate paper I wrote in 2006. The purpose of the study was to use a set of age appropriate questions, the answers of which would help me discover which stage of development my interviewees were in as theorized by Piaget and his predecessors. I got an “A,” and I liked how it turned out. Here it is in its original form.  The concept of stages within the human life cycle has been… Continue reading

Transforming Fear

(Note: I wrote this back in 2004. While my writing style has improved since then, I am still very attached to this, since it was part of four essays I wrote to help me through my awakening. I present it here, unchanged, and unedited. Other essays in this series are listed at the bottom.) Human beings are essentially highly intelligent animals capable of developing abstract thought after being housebroken. Although we conceive and reproduce as… Continue reading